Cross Contamination and Celiac Disease

I posted on a few celiac facebook pages the question: What three things would you want people who are not celiac to know? Over the next few weeks I will be posting about a few of them.

The biggest thing was cross contamination. Cross contamination is when food, hands, utensils, etc. that have touched food containing gluten then touch gluten free food. This food is no longer safe for a person with celiac to eat. A person with celiac cannot take the burger off the bun and just eat the burger.  Picking the croutons off a salad, or eatting the turkey after it has been stuffed will make them sick.  Once a utensils touches food that is not gluten free it can not be used to serve gluten free food.

A person with celiac eats any of these things they will become sick. This ‘little bit’ of gluten will cause celiac patients weeks or even months to get their body healthy again. Symptoms can vary from person to person. According to there are over 300 symptoms associated with celiac disease. Most people think of stomach issues like pain, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation but some other symptoms might be chronic fatigue, brain fog, failure to thrive in a child, migraines, ataxia (lack of muscle control) and so many more.

I hope this helps those who are not celiac to understand what cross contamination is and why someone with celiac asks so many questions when someone else has prepared something for them. Knowing how the food was prepared is very important to know if it is safe. It is not that they are trying to be difficult it is that they are trying to keep themselves healthy. They don’t want the time out with friends to turn into three days sick in the bathroom or weeks trying to regain their strength. They want to be included in social activities and be with their friends so don’t give them a hard time if they bring their own food or only have vanilla ice cream because it is the only safe thing on the menu. They are there for the friendship and company not for the food.

Shoe Collection Sites

Shoe collection bins are out! Start dropping your shoes off! We have boxes out now at Indian Valley Public Library, Consign for Design Home Treasures, Red Hill Dental Office, BucksMont Indoor Sports Center,Harleysville Savings Bank (Souderton, Harleysville and Hatfield), Lansdale Public Library, Valley Forge Running Company in Collegeville, The Andrea Szlavik Team Real Estate office in Collegeville, Bucks County Wellness Centre in New Britain, Fusion Gyms in New Britain, West Main Consignment in Lansdale, Chiropractic Corner in Upper Moreland, Tractor Supply Co. in Harleysville, Greater Plymouth Community Center in Plymouth Meeting, Klemas Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Plymouth Meeting/Blue Bell area, Ambler Chiropractic and Boulder Camp Ground in Green Lane. 2016 shoe box

Raw Rev Donation

12 boxes with 20 bars each!!
12 boxes with 20 bars each!!

Thank you to Raw Rev for the donation of bars that we received today. They are already distributed to the food pantries. These will be great because I know they all have a few vegans and I am sure they will like to have something other than vegetables!

Food Rescue

DSC_2814We were at Planting the Seeds of Partnership 2016 Hunger and Nutrition Forum. The one thing that really stuck with me was 40%, yes 40% of all food that is grown never makes it out of the field! Who would like to help us rescue some of this food?!

February is Heart Health Month

Do you know the signs of a heartattack?
Do you know the signs of a heartattack?

Do you know that February is Heart Health month?Do you know the signs of a heart attack? Do you know that symptoms for women are different than men? Heart disease is the number 1 killer for women, killing more women then the next 6 causes combined according to WebMD. Go to the American Heart Asscations site, and learn the signs of a heart attack. It might save someone’s life!!

We tend to put prioritize everything thing above our own health. If we don’t prioritize our health, it will come back and bite us in the butt in the future. Our health will deteriorate and we won’t be able to take care of our loved ones any more they will be taking care of us. We need to prioritize our health which means eating right, exercising, reducing our stress levels, feeling our emotions instead of pushing them down. If we don’t deal with our emotions they will continue to pop their head up until we do.

Take care of yourself so you can enjoy the pleasures of life!

Top 5 things that keep people from getting and staying healthy.

1. They think that all they have to do is get more active to get                  healthy.

This is a part of it but the biggest part of getting healthy is your nutrition. You need both to really be healthy.

2. Going it alone.

Think about the things you have accomplished in life how many of them have you done all by yourself. As a baby we have help learning to eat, crawl, walk. Did you learn to ride a bike, swim, drive a car, etc on your own. No so why would you try to get healthy on your own. We can’t know everything and surrounding yourself with people who can help you succeed and get to the next level you want to be at only makes since!

3. Allowing the people around us to sabotage our success!

Ever been at a party where someone has offered you something that you turn down and then they say “One can’t hurt you!”? They won’t take no for an answer and you give in so their feelings don’t get hurt or just so they will leave you alone. Stand your ground, your choice not to eat or drink something shouldn’t hurt a friends feelings. Consciously or unconsciously people around you will try to pull you back to where you were so that they don’t feel left behind. Be aware of this and instead encourage them to come on the trip with you so
you can support each other.

4. Changing everything at once.

Example: Jane is a person who drinks 5 diet sodas a day, after choosing to get healthy she cuts out diet soda all together. This will cause withdrawal symptoms like severe headaches. Jane would be better focusing on adding a small amount of water between each soda, say maybe start with an ounce or two in between each soda. This will allow for a slow decrease of the soda and an increase in
water. This will reduce or even eliminate the withdrawal symptoms and will allow time for a new habit to take over an old one without feeling over whelmed. When it comes to getting healthy it isn’t all or nothing, small baby steps probably work better for most people because they are easier to adjust to.

5. Not Journaling!

journalentryStudies show that individuals who keep a journal of their journey to health are more likely to stay on track long term. Those who continue to journal after they have reached their goal keep it off even longer. Writing things down helps us get clarity, see patterns of behavior that is working and those that are hold us back.

Help us donate 500 pounds of special dietary foods!!

Come join us here and let us know know how you are contributing! You can also go to our facebook page and post it there.j
Come join us at and let us know know how you are contributing! You can also go to our facebook page and post it there.j

At least 25% of our population has dietary restrictions, are you one of them? Now imagine needing help from your local food pantry, do you think you would find much you could eat? Probably not. Gluten free, low sodium (5% or less) and food allergy and diabetic friendly foods are not donated on a regular basis. We are hoping to make people more aware of the need and get people to take action and donate these types of foods today.

Share a picture and the weight of what you donated to your local pantry so we can keep track here of how much has been donated. Not sure what to donated we have listed some ideas on the eventbrite page we set up. The link is under the photo above. You can share your picture to our facebook page and I will then share them on our website. I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures!

Check out our site to see what else Garden of Health, Inc. has been up to. You can also check us out at If you would rather you can make a donation to us and designate it to this food challenge we are doing. Just go to our donate tab. We are a recognized 501c(3) so all donations directly to us are tax deductible.

Providing special dietary foods and fresh produce to those in need